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    Look what may be hiding inside your system:

    Less than one year of normal operation can clog your indoor coil with dirt, dust, mold, bacteria and even worse. Have Cool Aid check your coil today. If it's dirty like this one, we will clean it for you during out visit, and your family will be breathing easier tonight.

    At Cool Aid A/C we know that it isn't just the furnace and air conditioner that keep you comfortable and save you money. Your system must be designed to provide proper humidity levels in your home as well. With proper humidity control you have a more comfortable living environment at a higher temperature. This allows you to turn up your thermostat for even more energy savings. Proper humidification also prevents damage to hardwood floors, wood furniture, pianos, and keeps your skin from drying out.


    AccuClean™ whole-house air filtration system: the best way to clean your air.

    Our revolutionary AccuClean™ air filtration system is designed to eliminate up to an extraordinary 99.98% of airborne contaminates, such as pollen, most tobacco smoke, dust, cooking smoke, mold spores, mildew, bacteria, pet hair and dander, from the filtered air in your home. AccuClean air cleaners establish a new benchmark in home air cleaning technology, and will, no doubt, be a welcome relief for allergy sufferers in your family.

    At Cool Aid AC we have installed almost every type of filter system made. Each of them had their downfalls and left us looking for something more. Recently American Standard came out with a filter system called the AccuClean. It is the best filtration system we have installed, and the best value for the money. The AccuClean is the filtration system that everyone should install in their home! We have seen the results of putting this filter in and feel so strongly about it that it is the only filter system we recommend.

    The quality of the air in our homes is one of the top five health risks in America today. The air inside our homes averages four times worse than the air outside. That is why we recommend only the best filter be put in with any system.

    ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator):

    These are used to bring in filtered air from the outside into your heating and cooling system, while exhausting the air from in your home. The construction of our homes is getting tighter and allowing for fewer natural air exchanges. When the air is brought in through an ERV, the heat and humidity are transferred efficiently into the incoming air so that you keep most of the humidity and heat in your home.

    UV lights (ultra violet):

    Single Bulb:

    This UV light is designed to keep your indoor air conditioning coil free from mold spores and certain bacteria. This is the least effective and least expensive type of UV light but does a great job of simply keeping the air conditioning coil clean. That can help to avoid service calls, avoid odors, and keep your family healthy.

    Dual Bulb:
    Dual bulb UV lights are designed to eliminate mold spores and certain bacteria from being re-circulated into your home. The shortwave lights, similar to those used in hospitals, laboratories, and commercial kitchens, are easy to add to any heating and cooling system. Plus the long-life lamps are easy to replace when needed.