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    In today's world, it's hard to find individuals in business who treat you like they used to in the old days, with a smile, with interest, with honesty and with integrity. John Jeter from Cool-Aid not only services our multimillion dollar 75,000sf ft. facility in Tampa, but he once offered to go to my house personally when I was having a lot of difficulty with my own A/C. He dealt with my wife, looked things over and made some corrections to get us back on track (during a blistering hot summer). He would absolutely not take a penny from us for his time or services because he saw that we were so relieved to have resolved our issue and like he said, "He wanted us to walk away with an overall great experience in dealing with him." Like my wife Jill said, "WOW!! Who would do that today?"

    Jorge Villar
    Response Mail Express